Recognized for its prestige, solidity, and reliability as a generator of projects of excellent quality, design, and exclusiveness, F&F Properties is Panama’s leading developer of homes and offices. Our company has forged its prestige thanks to an innovative style that surpasses our clients’ expectations.

Our firm is truly knowledgeable of the demanding tastes of those who wish to live or operate their businesses in the city’s most exclusive locations at competitive prices.

Our mission is based on a commitment to offer the best product of the real estate market, and to always maintain or improve the quality of each of our projects.

The trajectory of our firm clearly proves our ability to meet these demands. With over 25 years of experience and success in the real estate market, F&F Properties has developed projects such as:

F&F Properties has therefore been able to produce veritable architectural jewels with a combined value of over US$1.2 billion –a fact that in and of itself guarantees each of our works.

We invite you to get to know each of our projects, all of which have been designed for your complete satisfaction.

Those who have already discovered our projects will know that each of our developments is nothing less than first class and features the highest quality of its kind, being able to offer you something uniquely special.

“Dreaming about the future is one of life’s most beautiful things. At F&F Properties we are truly happy, not only for dreaming, but also for working with determination, since our ambition is as great as our dreams…” Saúl Faskha E. President