Golden Point

General Information

Golden Point is a modern and luxurious office tower located in the commercial area of Via Ricardo J. Alfaro, offering our clients both offices and self storage units for rent.


The Golden Point – Project Description
An office and self-storage complex with commercial establishments on its ground floor.

Ave. Ricardo J. Alfaro, Corregimiento de Betania, District of Panama, Province of Panama

Lobby 00

  • Ground floor featuring ample commercial establishments ranging between 200 square meters and 550 square meters, each with infrastructure for air conditioning and lavatories.
  • Parking on the ground floor
  • Fire sprinkling systems in common areas
  • Impressive office tower lobby
  • 8 high-speed, state-of-the-art elevators in the office tower
  • Two pressurized emergency stairways
  • External security booth at the ramps
  • Security controls
  • Complete emergency electrical plant
  • Water reserve tank
  • Fire alarm and special systems especially designed for an office tower

Basement level 100

  • Loading/unloading zone for self-storage facilities and warehouses
  • Cargo elevators
  • Ample area for the sale of packing items; pallet and shelves rental, etc.
  • Customer service area
  • Parking area

Basement levels  200 / 300

  • Parking areas and storage units

Level 050 (Mezanine)

  • Offices
  • Food service locales, well-equipped food court, tables, lavatories, etc.

Levels 100 @ 800 (Parking area)

  • 8 stories for parking and simple deposit units
  • Average height clearance: 2.80 meters

Levels 900 @ 1200 (storage units)

  • 4 complete storage floors
  • Storage units starting from 8m2 (Various sizes to choose from, according to your needs)
  • Storage units with temperature and humidity control
  • Resistant, roller doors

Level 1300

  • First office floor with terraces

Levels 1400 @ 3000

  • 18 typical office stories. Approximately 20 offices per floor, with areas ranging from 33m2 to 75m2, depending on the needs of the client and the possibility of creating a single office out of several with a combined area of 1020Mts2 per floor.
  • Ample central aisle with deluxe finishes, providing access to the offices.
  • Amplio Pasillo Central para el Acceso a las Oficinas con lujosos acabados
  • Height clearance between floors: 3.00mts

Level 3100

  • Flat roof / Elevator lift over run space /Water reserve tank.

Level 3200

  • Elevator box / Machine room / Water tank lid